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Our company provides professional pest control services to any property, whether residential or commercial. We typically help our customers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but we have also been known to venture to Racine, WI and other surrounding cities.

We try to keep our services as up to date as possible so that we are able to provide the absolute best service to our customers. Pests and other small creatures are probably some of the most frightening and worrisome things that we have to deal with in our lifetimes.

We are available throughout the day to discuss your options if you are dealing with one of these issues:

  • Ants
  • Mice
  • Bed Bugs
  • Mosquitos
  • Bees, Wasps, or Hornets

These are the 5 main categories of critters that we prevent. Many pests can do more harm than simply annoy the eyes when we see them. Some of them are hazardous to our health and may never go away unless professionally exterminated. Eventually, you will have to get in touch with a professional pest control company if the problem is not going away on it’s own.

There is no home or business that is safe from pests. Even the cleanest buildings will see bugs every now and then. And that is not to stop an animal or bug from creating their home on your clean property! Before you even notice them they may have their habitat completely set up and ready to go.

Pest Control Services

A list of our pest control services can be found on this page. Our pest control services are coupled with the absolute highest quality products and treatment methods around.

We like to stay up to date with the latest methods and products in pest control to help you get your home or property back to normal. Here is a list of our different services that you can check out:

Your property will eventually need some relief from bothersome pests. That is why we are in business. Call us at any time throughout the day to discuss your pest control issue. We are able to provide over the phone quotes. We stick to this price if we give it to you, it doesn’t change.

Our technicians are prompt, efficient, and very customer-service oriented. We like to hire based on a customer service background so that we can be sure that our customers will feel just the way that we want them to feel after doing business with our company.

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