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Bait Applicator Gun

Bait Applicator Gun

We are the best Milwaukee exterminator because we use up-to-date equipment and chemicals. The insecticides and pesticides that we use are only the best. This page should give you more information about the different tools we useĀ on jobs in Milwaukee, WI.

Bait Applicator Gun: We use professional bait applicator guns to apply gel treatments such as ant killer bait gel, carpenter ant killer bait gel, and roach gel. This tool works great to help us apply pest control gels across your property evenly, and at a fast pace.

Duster: A hand duster, used in combination with the right dust product, is an ideal crack and crevice pest control treatment. We use the duster and dust to treat for ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, silverfish, scorpions, sowbugs, millipedes, and others.

Sprayer: The pump sprayer is a common way to spread pesticides around a home or office. Our exterminators use sprayers and insecticide to combat all common insects like Ants, Cockroaches, Fleas, Bedbugs, Silverfish, Scorpions, Centipedes, Sow bugs, Millipedes, and more.

Chemical Flow Meter

Chemical Flow Meter

Flow Meter: Chemical flowmeters, aka flow controller system, are great for termite control. We use the flow indicator and flow gauges to tell us when we are applying the right amount of liquid termite control chemicals. It is important to ensure that the proper flow conditions are met because you must use the exact amount of chemicals to exterminate termites.

Inspector Mirror: Telescoping inspection mirrors are a great pest control tool that is used by the best exterminators. Inspector mirrors are typically used when doing pest control inspections, before and after the job. We use the inspection mirror to see around pipes and into hidden areas. For example, in crevices, engine compartments, and other hard to reach areas.

IR Thermometer: Infrared temperature sensors allow our exterminators to identify possible points of entry, cool areas, and sources of moisture. These are the areas where pests find themselves. Without the thermal imaging tools, it is hard to find points of entry. We use the IR thermometer with a blower door and other tools to help us identify problem areas.

Moisture Meter: Moisture meters are an useful tool for exterminators. No pest control expert can do their job without the help of a moisture meter. Our exterminator team uses the moisture meter to get instant moisture readout so that the proper remediation technique can be applied. When doing termite control treatments, moisture meters are great for determining the existing wood moisture conditions.

Termite Injector With maximizer

Termite Injector With maximizer

Termite Injector With Maximizer: Our custom termite injectors are great for injecting chemicals into termite holes, mud holes, cracks, mud tubes, crevices, and other termite entry points.

Twin task flashlight: We use a powerful LED twin-task flashlight to do our pest inspections. The reason we use a high quality flashlight like a twin task flashlight is because we need to see in difficult, hard to reach areas. High intensity Led lighting is necessary for doing a proper pest inspection.

Vacuum: Vacuums are used for job cleanup as well as initial cleanup in the area of the pest infestation, if necessary. Other exterminators will leave the area dirty and hard to work in. Not us, though. We are sure to use the highest quality, most efficient tools that are available in the market today.

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