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November 1, 2017
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How Bats Negatively Impact Business

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Bats can´t completely be considered a nuisance to the world. After all, they do play an instrumental role in controlling the populations of annoying and dangerous insects such as mosquitoes and moths. However, they are most useful when they reside in the wild and not in the confined walls of a home or a business facility.

So, the question arises—how can bats negatively impact your business?

Well, bats can spread fungus, bacteria, and viruses that can cause numerous sickness and diseases. In fact, here is a frightening statistic for you. Bats can host over 60 human-infecting viruses! Some of the harmful infections they have been shown to carry include rabies and viruses related to SARS. There are also studies that identify bats to be the original hosts of dangerous viruses such as Nipah and Ebola. Hence, if you don´t want your employees to suffer from dreadful medical conditions, you must ensure that your facility doesn´t house bats.

In addition to hosting several dangerous viruses, bats also introduce parasitic pests into your facility. Some of these pests include ticks, fleas, and bat bugs. And, of course, bats, like other species of wild animals, can be aggressive and bite when cornered.

Bats can easily contaminate assets and properties in the facility with their urine and feces. Bat droppings, also known as guano, act as a growth platform for microbes, including those that cause diseases such as histoplasmosis. And, the urine of bats can easily cause a slipping safety hazard on floors.

What can you do to make your facility bat-proof?

So, it appears that you have come to a realization that you can´t live like Batman. Are there things you can do to discourage bats from entering your facility then? Well, there are. You must ensure that the holes and openings in your facility are properly sealed and caulked. You should also consider filling the electrical and plumbing holes in and around your facility with stainless steel wool or caulking. You can also use chimney caps, window screens, and draft-guards beneath doors and attics to discourage bat infestation.

If you lack the confidence to handle the bats living in your facility, you shouldn´t hesitate to seek professional help. Even if you find an injured bat lying around, you shouldn´t attempt to aid the animal yourself.

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